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About Us



DECAL ADHESIVE-THINK GREEN® is a high quality and totally environmentally friendly brand of stickers produced domestically: SOLVENT-FREE.


DECAL ADHESIVE-THINK GREEN® is a project developed by Digidelta S.A., which has been not only consolidating its leadership in Portugal and Spain the production and sale of media, but also a firm commitment to strengthen and broaden the scope of its operations, it has been focusing on exports to all of Europe exclusively through partners.


In DECAL ADHESIVE-THINK GREEN®, you will find a complete range of quality materials for the different technologies in the digital printing market, graphic, decoration, textile and labeling with a team of experienced professionals to provide assistance and advice.


We want our customers to gain a competitive advantage and explore new and profitable business opportunities, so we have invested more than € 8.5 million in the new industrial unit of 10,000 m2 in Torres Novas, in innovative products that generate added value, such as:


  • Vinyl monomeric and polymeric
  • Window adhesive films Bubble Free
  • Wallpaper with and without adhesive
  • Cold Lamination ultra crystal
  • Lamination and hot encapsulation high adhesiveness
  • Paper print with or without adhesive


Our products belong to a cutting-edge line employing the latest technology, transforming the way we print and apply, making everything easier for our customers.


Our experience shows that the best solutions come through teamwork, but for this to be effective, the team must be cohesive and demand high standards in terms of relationships, sharing and respect, as well as demonstrating vision and integrity. This is our professionals commitment to our customers. Our values include:



  • Principles
  • Honesty
  • Accuracy
  • Professionalism



  • Partnerships
  • Innovation
  • Creativity






DECAL ADHESIVE-THINK GREEN® is 100% committed to its environmental responsibilities. This extends from the development of products that do not cause harm to the environment and the implementation of new technologies to the packaging itself and manufacturing processes, which obey strict rules of production.